Murray, Gilbert-The airplane spider

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The airplane spider of Gilbert Murray, a beautiful book with eight full-page illustrations in colour by Harrison Cady.
The tarantula spider (Laura, the author names her) is one of the most interesting members of the spider family, and does the most strange and amusing things from the time she is a little baby spider. At first she spends most of her time on her mother's back with her three for four hundred brothers or sisters to keep her company, but just as soon as she can spin, she goes sailing off by herself on a slender thread just like an aviator in a flying machine, until the wind gives out or the thread breaks. Then she drops to earth and proceeds to take care of herself for the rest of her life. And an exciting time she has of it, for she has many enemies to avoid or conquer and many dangers to escape

Specificatie Omschrijving
Schrijver Gilbert Murray
Titel The airplane spider
Uitgever A. & C. Black, LTD.
Plaats van uitgave London
Jaar van uitgave 1921
Aantal pagina's 86 blz.
Bijzonderheden Hardcover, in goede staat.
ISBN of EAN n.v.t.
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